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Ghost Signs (56): Gasoil

By Carolineld @carolineld
Ghost signs (56): gasoil
Ghost signs (56): gasoilThis sign in Lamballe, Brittany has clearly been overpainted at least once. Clearly the owner had had enough of it! However, suggestive bits of text remain, not least all but the first letter of gasoil (diesel). The large 2 in the top left corner, and the bits of text legible underneath, suggest that directions were being given to a garage on the second left or right towards St Brieuc.

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By Sam Roberts
posted on 14 July at 12:11
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Just spotted it's you Caroline, and I know you know all about palimpsest!

By Sam Roberts
posted on 14 July at 12:10
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Some people refer to that effect of overpainting as 'palimpsest'. Many examples can be found in the Ghostsigns Archive.