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Ghost Signs (54): St Christophe, Guingamp

By Carolineld @carolineld
Ghost signs (54): St Christophe, Guingamp
This shopfront isn't really a ghost sign as such, but is rather evocative all the same. Although Guingamp is a proper town, and this building is near the market, A St Christophe offered the broad range of products and services I tend to associate with village stores.
You could shop on the premises for 'sport and hunting equipment' as well as 'prams, tricycles, scooters'. (I'm not sure whether I like or worry about the image of buying a shotgun and a baby carriage in the same transaction!) Underneath, the sign offers a third option: auto rental, taxis and coaches.
The shop and rental business are gone; the premises have become a pizzeria. However, the sign remains to tantalise us.

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