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Getty Villa: Not Your Class Field Trip

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Today we’re going to take an unorthodox tour of the Getty Villa in Malibu – no docents, no lessons.  Just a walk through this inspiration palace, looking at the things that truly caught my eye: patterns of repetition, symmetry, mind-blowing ornate detail and really really old stuff!

Getty Villa in Malibu Outer Peristyle

We’re not starting at the entry, oh no.  We’re going straight for the best stuff.  The outer peristyle, with it’s rythmic fluted columns and coffered ceiling offered perfectly framed views from every direction.  To the right you have a gorgeous scene of fountains and bronze statues.

outer peristyle of getty villa malibu

Notice the eery low fog. This was the most amazing weather, a perfect fall museum-going day.

To the left, as you peer through these amazing windows, you get a look at the Getty’s herb garden – where you could cure just about any ancient ailment.

Outer Peristyle Window to Herb Garden at the Getty Villa


Getty Villa Herb Garden in Malibu

My next favorite thing was the Amarilla Triana marble that covered much of the interior of the museum.  What’s so special?  It reminded me of old maps, collaged together on the floor, walls AND ceiling.  Here’s a pretty good shot:

Amarillo Triana Marble in Getty Villa

This is the underside of the staircase, i.e., the ceiling.  Cool.  And here’s where you can see it all together – plus me, looking like a goofy-faced angel.

Amarillo triana marble floors and ceiling of Getty Villa Malibu

I did pay attention to some of the art.  My first favorite was this adorable little guy – a satyr playing inside a theater mask.  See his face peeking through the eye hole?  He’s got a mischevious smile that totally made my day.

Getty Villa statue of satyr with theater mask

My next favorite was this statue of Zeus, such an awesome composite of materials, burned and partially melted it its lifetime.  But you can’t bring Zeus down, and this pretty much proves it.

Statue of Zeus at Getty Villa

Oh, and that’s a slab of onyx behind him.  Not sure why this one wasn’t back lit, but it was beeeyoutiful.

Statue of Zeus at Getty Villa

A few more:

Inner peristyle courtyard of Getty Villa Malibu

inner peristyle garden

Foggy archways of Getty Villa Malibu

oh beautiful foggy day

Fluted Columns of Getty Villa Malibu

random highlight of columns

Getty Villa ceiling

even with modern machinery, I'm kind of impressed by this.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our little tour.  My architecture and art history teachers would probably be disappointed, but I loved my inspiration tour of the Getty Villa!  Ciao.


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