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Getting Your Kids To Do Homework Without You

Posted on the 20 October 2017 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Getting Your Kids To Do Homework Without You

It's time to get off work and head to your second job: picking up the kids, providing dinner, and helping with homework. Relax, it can be a little easier and it doesn't have to take forever. Whether you are a parent that is married, single or divorce, you can conquer the homework game. Here are a few tips on how to motivate the kids to do their homework without you.

Select an after school program

Find a tutor or babysitter that will help them do their homeworkbefore you pick your child up. Not all after school programs provide this service but it will be worth it to employ one that does. At a minimum, they should set aside homework time for the kids to do their homework. Kids help each other. Usually an assistant will check to see if the kids have any questions and if they do, provide basic tutoring. Surprisingly, there may not be a difference in price but that will depend on the depth of tutoring service provided. Ask ocher parents for recommendations. This service will release stress and frustration for you at the end of a long day. It will be a big item to take off your to do list as well as free up time for fun family time. However, you will want to check your child's homework personally to show your interest in their school work and to see if they are having problems in any areas. In addition, checking their work will give you a good time to say "good job."

Getting Your Kids To Do Homework Without You

Increase reading interest with recordings.

Kids usually are required to read a certain number of books in their reading or language arts class or for extra credit. They may have an assignment to read a story or book and then answer questions in relation to the reading assignment. In this case, have your kid read into a tape recorder. This work for all ages. Tell them you will listen to it when you get home before you go to bed. The kids will have fun recording themselves. In addition, they won't know if you actually listen to it. The point is to motivate them to love reading and get them to do their homework without you.

Set aside the same time each day for homework with little exception.

Kids do well with schedules and like knowing what is expected of them. Homework time can be time you get home, before or after dinner. Tell your kids they are to do their own homework but can ask for assistance if they need it. Be available if they need help. Homework is designed for kids to do their own work but they may need someone to call out vocabulary words for spelling and definition tests. Cut TV and internet time through the week to 30 minutes a day and only after homework is done. Make sure you check all home work to avoid snow jobs. Kids will tell you they don't have homework. Get their teacher's email addresses. It is a convenience and a good way to communicate about your kid and their school. Don't expect answers the same day but within two or three days Remember, to use it sparingly as teachers workloads are heavy.

Getting Your Kids To Do Homework Without You

Encourage your kids to succeed.

Motivation = confidence + interest. Avoid demoralizing or criticizing your child because if you don't they may become underachievers. They will think that nothing they do will make a difference and will stop trying. Your child may develop low self-esteem. If your child sees his or her homework as a challenge, speak to your child's teacher and get suggestions. Your job is to make sure your child is capable of doing the work, have the supplies they need to do the work, and complete their homework and turn it in on time. Check often to make sure your child brings home the needed books. Most classes include a syllabus with topics to be taught during the course. Make sure you and your child review it together often so your child will get the "big picture" of what is being taught.

Make sure their notebooks are organized. Create a system for your child to follow to keep up with homework assignments: student planner, section in their notebook or paper tablet. If your child is confident they can do their homework with success, they will excel in getting the home work done with little assistance. If your child refuse to do their homework, disciplinary measures are in order: time out or take away a favorite pastime (cell phone, TV or computer) until grades improve.

Give non-monetary rewards.

Brag about your kids in front of others especially grandparents. Tell how your child do his or her homework with little assistance. Post a board, calendar, or chart in their room and draw stars on it when your child does well. Kids can show it off to visitors. Allow them to put stars on the board if they have a very good day in school. Especially, if the teacher gives them a complement or note saying how well they are doing. This is a visionary reward system that outweighs money.

In conclusion, kids are capable of doing their homework. It is their responsibility. However, it is the parent responsibility to make sure their child has supplies, monitor homework for completion, and detect problems that will need assistance or further investigation. Provide assistance if needed. Encourage your kids in order to get them to do their homework without you. If they are successful, don't forget to brag on them. Good Job.

Getting Your Kids To Do Homework Without You

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