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Getting the NAC of London

By India Struthers @India_Alexandra

india alexandra see the sparkleSo we left it at Shoreditch the last time I spoke, well wrote to you about our trip to London-town. Clearly no trip to London is complete without a little selfie which the above photo is, taken back at Albion. Anyway, having survived the jungle of Shoreditch we returned to Mayfair, freshened up back at the room and popped out down the road to have a little snack. By this point it was about 9.45 pm and my “hunger phase” had rather disappeared. You know when your tummy gets reaaaaaaly, really rumbly for about 20 minutes and then after that crescendo your hunger fades? Well it was at that point and I was also quite sleepy having been awake since 4.30am. Back to our night though. We tried to get a bite at Le Truc Vert but their kitchen had closed so instead we went next door to NAC, North Audley Cantine on well you guessed it, North Audley Street. A very pleasant and friendly French tapas place, perfect for that evening. I believe (according to my good friend The Telegraph) that it is fairly new having only opening last September. | You can read their review and article HERE ...

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