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Getting the Lead Out

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
"It's something different every year." This is how the girls' crossing guard explained the new obsession with lead pencils. The girls and their friends buy and swap lead pencils constantly.
The first time the blond twin told me she wanted a lead pencil I said, "They still sell lead pencils?" I didn't even realize children knew what those were any more. I quickly learned I was wrong. Lead pencils are hot this year. The school store sells both different colored lead pencils and the refills. 
The blond twin is obsessed with lead pencils. She swaps them with friends and gives them to friends as impromptu gifts. We discovered she was raiding her piggy bank to buy lead pencils without discussing it with us. We shut down that activity. Now she talks to us about the pencils she wants.
I cannot wait for this to pass. I'm tired of picking up lead pieces from the kitchen floor. I'm tired of watching the girls argue about which color pencil belongs to which girl. I'm tired of hearing the reasons they need another lead pencil.
Of course, now that we've discovered all the ways to get lead shavings off the floor and acquired all the current colors, I really should change my attitude. Lead pencils seem to make homework more fun for them. The pencils are small and disposable. These pencils don't need to be fed nor watered. 
If I think about it long enough, I might just talk myself into liking this trend -- maybe.

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