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Getting Ready For Swimsuit Season/Carnival

By Jeneille @jinjer25

So you’ve been slacking on your health and fitness. Eating whatever you want, consuming alcohol excessively and before you know it, your two-piece on the beach comes with fries, rolls and a drink! With carnival around the corner and nuff beach parties to attend, you’re beginning to feel a bit self-conscious about your body.  It’s never too late to jump-start your ‘get ready’ plan unless of course it’s the week before Slippery When Wet and you’re trying to fit your size 16 body into a size 6 swimsuit. Here are my little secrets to help you kick start your beach body plan and look fantastic in your costume jammin’ round the streets of Kingstown. 
  • Water is your best friend. Put the soda, juice and alcohol down and fill up on that goodness that comes free from your kitchen pipe. If you must have juice, make sure it’s freshly squeezed or have coconut water instead. Having at least 12 glasses a day would flush your system, rid your body of harmful toxins and prevent bloating/water retention which can easily account for 10-20lbs of your body weight. Replace your coffee with green tea and watch the excess weight melt from your body in no time.
  • Never skip meals. Think of your body as a vehicle. It needs gas to run. The mistake that many of us make is that we fill the tank up regardless of the length of our journey. Always eat in moderation and according to the portion serving on your food package. When you skip meals, your body automatically goes in to starvation mode and holds on to the fat that you are trying to lose. Even if you do lose weight this way it would only be regained when you start eating normal quantities again even if what you’re eating is healthy.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Take your sneakers to work and walk home if you live within walking distance. Rally up a group of friends and go jogging or walk to the Arnos Vale playing field. Join the gym. Take an aerobics class. Go swimming. It doesn’t matter WHAT you do as long as you DO something.
  • Fill up on protein. Foods that are high in protein or fiber can actually help slow the digestive process. The result is that your stomach feels full longer and sends a message to your brain that you don't need to eat more. You get more satisfaction with fewer calories.
  • Replace refined carbohydrates with more complex carbohydrates. Have brown rice instead of white rice. Eat whole-wheat pasta or look for innovative ways to make meals with vegetables. Egg-plant is a great noodle replacement when making lasagna. Spaghetti squash is just as delicious as the real thing and oven roasted sweet potatoes are far better for you than irish potatoes.
  • Snack on fruits, vegetables, pop-corn and nuts (in moderation). The more high fiber foods you eat between meals, the less you’ll be inclined to eat when meal time comes around. Small portions of low-fat cheese with fruit, yogurt or fruit and peanut butter is also a great way of having a very filling snack that keeps the hunger at bay until your next meal.
  • Take your vitamins. Most of us when changing our diets do not eat properly and it shows in our hair, skin and nails. Take supplements like vitamin c, calcium, fish oils and biotin to maintain the health of your skin, hair, nails and bones. Your body will thank you for it.
  • Be realistic. Strive for progress and not perfection. You didn’t gain weight over-night and you won’t lose it overnight. It is better to be healthy than to be skinny. Set short term goals and work your way to success. Healthy living is often a life-long change that we have to work at every day. It makes no sense ‘dieting’ just for a certain period only to fall back into any bad eating habits that we may have had before achieving our goals. That will be counter-productive
It is important to remember that we were all built differently. No two persons will ever look the same and we shouldn’t try to anyway. Dress for your body type and accentuate the shape that you have been given.  Never allow yourself to be placed into a mold of how anyone ‘thinks’ you should look. Your ultimate aim should be to live a longer and healthier life. Good luck! And ah will see allyuh on de road!

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