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Gettin To Know... Enviados De Satan

By Raddadcollective
Enviados De Satan Crew
EDS means Satan's Sent.
It was founded in 1995, 18 years of EDS.The crew started in Alicante, south-east Spain. The first members were INCA (also known as SEZ, CAIN and the Candyman) , ICER, MEYA and LOGAN (Seville's finest tatto artistist).
Then the crew started to grow until last year then EDS Familia crosses borders with two new English members: MAYO and Nottingham, also one writter from South Africa, POLIZEI.They touch all styles - wild, semi-wild, charos and there ideas for wall themes are mainly - fear, drugs, violence, horror... because they say, "thats life, Fuck Walt Disney!"
Gettin To Know... Enviados De SatanED, Swamp, Taser, Mayo, Inca
Gettin To Know... Enviados De Satan Inca, Logan, Taser
Gettin To Know... Enviados De SatanJanio, Taser, Hot, Inca
Gettin To Know... Enviados De Satan Mayo, Mez, ED, Slimer
Some fast details of the crew members:-EDS: several crew members: also u can follow as on... HERE-LOGAN: best arist I´ve seen.Seville . Now is tattooin and makin $. His fotolog... HERE -ICER: 23 years in the game. Alicante. Now is a tattoo artist..His website... HERE-INCA: 23 years in the game. Yo! Alicante... HERE -RHE: aka PISTOLO. Mad fella, designer. Alicante.
-FAT: 25 years in the game. Now in jail. Alicante. Free Fat!

-RAFA 205: RIP, u continue with us dawg.
-JANLO: Alicante. Check his website... HERE -DANS:aka "the General"19 years in the game, Alicante
-TASER: aka suSomali. Alicante

-HOT: aka Rufus. Catellon
-NASE: Palma de Mallorca.-EDITOR: now ROTIDE. One of the most wanted writters by Alicante police department.-PUTER: aka  ,aka DEMON´S LAWYER… crazy ass fella… psychopathic and mentally  bankrupt.-POLIZEI Unknown How long?-MAYO 24 years in and out of the game..stopped for 14years...OCD... And will never stop.-MEZ 26years in the game... 3 years off in the 90's and a 5 year Break 04/09 Back Strong...
Muy bueno...

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