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Get Your Very Own Invisible Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) Today!

Posted on the 21 January 2015 by Imorfy

This App Lets You Catfish Yourself  

Catfish me once, shame on you. Catfish me twice, shame on me. Catfish myself, shame on… Um… Wait, “catfish myself”?
Yep, there is an actual service for the lonely souls out there who want to take catfish-ing to a whole new level called “Invisible Girlfriend.”
The idea is simple: Sign up and pay $25, and you’ll get text messages and photos sent to you as if a real girlfriend were blowing up your phone “with love.”
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And for those into dudes, there’s a companion app called “Invisible Boyfriend.”
With both apps, the first step to living it up, Manti Te’o-style, is making up a back story about how you and your lover “met.” Then, voila! Here come the texts and pics.
If this all sounds too sad for words, well, it does come from a sad place.
The creator, Matthew Homann, who won a startup competition with the idea in 2013, invented the service nine years ago because he was going through a divorce and got tired of people asking him if he’d found a new partner.
According to Homman, prospective customers also include those people who don’t want their conservative loved ones to find out they’re gay and soldiers who are overseas that want a pretend “bae” back home.

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