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Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten with EmbarK12 #spon

By Thepracticalmommy2 @PracticalMommy2

Kindergarten Readiness

This is a sponsored post on behalf of K¹², the leader in online education for grades K through 12. 

If you have a preschooler at home, you know that when it comes time for Kindergarten, there are certain skills your child needs to have prior to going to school. Most Kindergartners are expected to know colors, shapes, some letters, some letter sounds, some numbers, how to spell their name, and more. How can you help your child get ready at home? 

Kindergarten readiness checklistClick here to see a complete list. 
K¹², the leader in online education for grades K through 12, now has the EmbarK12 family of preschool programs designed to prepare children for the skills they need to be successful in Kindergarten. Everything you need to help your child become successful has already been prepared by educational professionals!
Kindergarten readiness programs by K12. Try a sample activity today.


There are two versions of the EmbarK12 programs: EmbarK12 Online and EmbarK12 Comprehensive.

EmbarK12 Online

EmbarK12 Online is perfect for children who learn best on their own, with a bit of guidance. It’s also great for a busy family who may not have enough time for one-on-one instruction. EmbarK12 Online has over 830 interactive activities online that are designed for kids ages 3-6. Learning on this program, developed by educational professionals, is fun!

Children learn age-appropriate skills through interactive multi-media and games, keeping kids engaged and entertained at the same time. There are 12 units of activities that cover Math, Language and Literacy, and other topics such as “Travel and Explore”, “Our World”, and “Story Time”.

Imagine your child enjoying learning thanks to music, songs, interactive activities, videos, and games! Your child will love learning with these online activities. This is all possible thanks to EmbarK12 Online.
It’s only $59 for a 12 month subscription to Embark12 Online. That’s less than $5 a month!

For a limited time only, when you use the code EmbarkSpecial, you can get a 12 month subscription to EmbarK12 Online for only $29.50. That’s 50% off!

EmbarK12 Online - Over 830 interactive activities to engage your preschooler.

EmbarK12 Comprehensive

EmbarK12 Comprehensive is a more hands-on approach to learning that is supported by online content. This program is K12’s award winning Pre-K program that is already aligned to Kindergarten standards and prepares children ages 3-5 for Kindergarten. In this program, there are over 1,200 interactive, age-appropriate online and hands on activities that cover the following subjects: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art.

With this program, your child will learn skills such as mathematical reasoning, basic literacy, scientific observation, investigative skills, and more. Aligned with the Common Core and known for its extensive research and high standards, EmbarK12 Comprehensive is not only used in homes but in childcare centers and preschools across the nation.

While this program does have an online component, most of the learning is done with the hands-on activities, which means there should be parental guidance as your child completes these activities. Together you can experience over 288 hours of activities as you explore themes such as Family and Friends, My Five Senses, and Looking at Animals.

With EmbarK12 Comprehensive, your child will learn with learning tools like books, flashcards, shapes, letters, numbers, a clock, puzzles, and more. It’ll be like having a classroom within your home!
The EmbarK12 Comprehensive program is $286 a year for a 12-month subscription. That price includes the online component, upgrade kits, and hands-on manipulative. That’s less than $25 a month!

EmbarK12 Comprehensive- Online and hands-on preschool program for your early learner.
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This video explains more about the EmbarK12 programs and what you could expect from them.
K12 also offers Pre-K mobile apps to help your child learn while you’re on the go! Visit K12here to download to use along with the EmbarK12 programs.
If you want your preschooler to be prepared for Kindergarten, try the EmbarK12 programs today!
About K¹² Inc. :

K¹² Inc. (NYSE: LRN) is the nation’s foremost provider of proprietary technology-powered online solutions for students in pre-kindergarten through high school. K¹² has partnered with more than 2,000 school districts and has delivered more than 4 million courses over the past decade. K¹² provides curricula, academic services and learning solutions to public schools and districts, traditional classrooms, blended school programs and families. K¹² works with more than 5,000 teachers across the U.S. – the largest network of online school teachers in grades K through 12. 

The K¹² program is offered through K¹² partner public schools in more than two-thirds of the states and the District of Columbia, and through private schools serving students in all 50 states and more than 110 countries. More information can be found at
Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten with EmbarK12 #spon

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Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten with EmbarK12 #spon
Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten with EmbarK12 #spon
Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten with EmbarK12 #spon

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