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Get to Know Songstress Miriam Bryant [stream]

Posted on the 26 February 2014 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

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Scandinavian songstress Miriam Bryant is currently touring her debut EP, Push Play, released through Interscope Records. The wonderful collection of songs features the single “Finders Keepers”, the title track “Push Play” and the stellar piano ballad “Raised in Rain”.

Bryant received a steady buzz this past fall when her hit “Push Play” was released in its creative collaborative form on Zedd’s Clarity Deluxe Edition. Not to mention, her vocals also made their Super Bowl debut in a Bud Light Platinum commercial which featured a 30-second snippet of “Find You”. This month, the singer has been playing shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles while continuing to dedicate time to studio sessions.

The 22 year old Bryant admits that her experience with heartbreak is a source of inspiration and excitement for her songwriting and live performance prowess. Lyrics like “Your weak heart makes me stronger”, featured in her song “Weak Heart” and “Let myself into your heart/I would beat it to death” from “Bleeding Out” offer proof of that turmoil.

The special gift in her songwriting and sound is the redemption that is shared, which stems from her experiences with breakups, heartbreak, pain and anger. Her intensely personal and sincere songs enable people to truly connect with her. Catch Miriam Bryant on the East Coast on Sunday, March 2nd for School Night! at the Brooklyn Bowl.

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