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Get Time Difference in PHP with Microtime()

Posted on the 23 March 2012 by Akahgy


Detect how long a script, query or function takes to run in php.


PHP offers the microtime() function, which returns the number of microseconds (a millionth of a second) that passed since 1st of January 1970, the PHP epoch.

The way to use it is assigning the microtime() value to a variable before the desired script and then one after, the difference between them being the result we need.

$time_start = microtime();

$run_function = processData();

$time_end = microtime();

$time = $time_end – $time_start;

echo “processData function completed in “.$time.” microseconds”;

Also we can multiply the result by 1 000 000 to get the number of seconds, or manipulate it as we wish, to return the result in any time related way:

echo date(“H:i:s”,$time);

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