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Get Ready to Meet Captain Hook

Posted on the 02 October 2012 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

“Once Upon a Time” is prepping for the arrival of one big baddie: Captain Hook. The ABC series will introduce even more legendary fairytale characters as Season 2 continues. Want a sneak peek?

In the preview below, get a glimpse at a Captain Jack Sparrow-influenced Captain Hook (played by Colin O’Donoghue), more Mulan and Lancelot. Executive producer Edward Kitsis told The Huffington Post that Captain Hook has “interesting relationships with a few of our characters.”

The preview also gives viewers a glimpse at Snow White and Emma’s life in fairytale land. While the two are trapped, look for their relationship to evolve, according to Kitsis.

“Well, I think the interesting thing for us on that is that all last season, Emma didn’t believe that [Mary Margaret] was her mom. She was kind of like the big sister, giving her dating advice and things you would never do with your mom. Now they’re in a strange land where Mary Margaret remembers she was Snow White. Snow White doesn’t need a big sister, and Snow White has more information about that land than Emma,” he said. “So I think it’ll be interesting as they feel out their mother/daughter/big sister/friend/best friend relationship. And I think that what’s also interesting is that it’s one thing to believe [that magic is real and Snow is her mom] and it’s another thing to see it. Now Emma’s actually in the land where Henry kept telling her she was really from. And so I think there’s a real mix of emotions. And we’re excited also that you’re going to get a bit of Emma before she had Henry. [The flashback to Emma's past] will be Episode 6 … In that episode you’ll meet Henry’s father.”

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