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Get Ready for The Experience FL - a Private South Florida Catering Company

By Take A Bite Out Of Boca @shaywiz
If you’re a frequent party thrower, you know how crazy it gets trying to plan every single detail. The who, the what, the where, the when…and of course, what to serve! Whether it’s a brunch, cocktail party, orsit-downdinner, the menu is the most important part. If you aren’t big on cooking or there’s way too many people coming to even think about making the food all by yourself, the number one thing people think to do is order from a restaurant, right? Well, yeah, sure, that’s alwayshelpful,but all that helps with is the actual cooking of the food, not the plating or serving. What if you could have a private chef come to your home, prepare all of the food right in your kitchen (and take care of all thecleanup), amp it up with extra special presentation, and even serve it to your guests? Oh, and did I mention you can totally customize the menu from start to finish? Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

It is. I’m not making it up. I recently had the opportunity to work with thetalented and professional Chef Darrin Beni and his private catering company, The Experience FL. His boutique-style company is exactly what you want if you’re looking to create a unique and exciting experience for your guests. Chef Beni will meet with you for an initial consultation to plan the perfectmenu in yourprice range. He does itall:passed hor d’oerves, appetizers, fruit and cheese displays, entrees… Anything you want, Chef Beni can make it happen. But the real show comes in the form of his optimal presentation. Mini Caprese Salads propped onto skewers poke out of a Wheat Grass display to look like a flowering lawn. Cheese and crackers cascading from a picnic basket are surrounded by a variety of bright, colorful fruit. Dry ice plays the role of real smoke in the “Smokin’ CubanCigar,”  aCuban sandwich wrapped up and fried in an eggroll and arranged in an authentic cigar box with one “cigar” wrapped in mustard greens placed in an ashtray surrounded by the smoke. Showy food such as this will have your guestsoohing andaahing as the appetizers are being passedaround. Then they’ll take a bite and theoohsandaahs will turn intoyumsandoh-my-gods. Like I said, I’m not making this stuff up. I witnessed this.

Get Ready for The Experience FL - a private South Florida Catering Company
There’s a lot to be said about private chefs, especially the ones who are up for the challenge of catering to a room full of people who are drinking just as much asthey areeating. It’s not an easy task, and you really have to love what you’re doing to make it work. Chef Beni clearly enjoys himself while he’s creating these masterpieces. Food is art, and Chef Beni definitely understands that.

If you’re in the South Florida area and are looking for a private chef to cater your next party, check out The Experience FL.

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