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Get Quality Backlink to Your Blog in 2016

Posted on the 28 January 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

If we talk about SEO then link building and social presence are the important part of it. Few years back link building was most competitive filed.  Everyone was trying to get more backlinks. But right now all algorithms have been changed in SEO. If you have quality backlinks from high authority sites then it’s enough to drive traffic on your website or blog.

SEO experts know the importance of Search Engine Optimization and high quality backlinks. Few days back I asked question on quora that How to get high quality backlinks except guest blogging?  I have received great response and valuable answers. Now I have decided to share other method to create high quality backlinks in 2016 for your blog and websites. I hope you will enjoy reading this post and accelerating your blogging in next step.

But there are few links building method which should be ignored.

  1. Avoid site wide links from footer
  2. Avoid buying and selling exact anchor text
  3. Avoid buying links from fiver and other link selling site.
  4. Do not join link networking sites. Most of the sites have gone penalized.
  5. Avoid blogroll links
  6. Avoid Article directly links.

So these are the bad SEO practice in 2016. You must keep in mind when you do work on link building for your website. Apart from this we have other 101 way to get quality backlinks for your website and boost organic and seo traffic.

How to build quality backlinks for your site

  1. Submit guest post on same niche, You can find list of guest blogging sites
  2. Comment on dofollow blogs and make sure the relevancy of the blog. It should be on the same niche. Otherwise it would be part of spam link building.
  3. Join relevant thread in forums and get link to your post, you can find dofollow forum list for 2016
  4. Link t your domain name in forums signature. Do not insert keywords in the forum signature.
  5. Social bookmarking sites are also important and effective to get quality backlinks. But remember do not carry too much link value from them.
  6. High quality discussion board like Quora, you can build up your profile and really learn new thing on all niche.
  7. Blogging communities are the best way to promote your blog and get quality backlink as well. I am extremely satisfied to get reponse and traffic from blogging community sites. Recommended blogging communities :-,
  8. Ask question related to your niche in question & answer site like Yahoo answers
  9. Interlinking to you blog to other post from your blog. Always hyperlinked long tail keywords.
  10. Exchange link from other blog in same niche but it should be look natural.
  11. Submit your blog in top blog directories, you can find a list of blog directories.
  12. Grow up your network with other fellow bloggers in your niche.
  13. Submit your blog on all social media sites
  14. Submit your blog to digg and reddit and get quick dofollow backlinks
  15. Submit rss feed to feeder sites, you can find list of rss feeder sites.
  16. .Submit press release, there are many press release sites that offers dofollow backlinks, you can find list of press release sites.
  17. Submit rss feed to rss directories, this is a great practice to get quick backlinks, here is a list of rss directories to get backlinks.
  18. Submit your blog on review forum sites and get rating and review on your blog.
  19. Convert your post into PDF and get started to submit PDF, you can find the list of document sharing sites.
  20. Review top companies and product they might link back to you.
  21. Interview top bloggers and ask tips to improve blog traffic, social media and more interesting question so other bloggers will review and share it on their social network.
  22. Submit your blog in web 2.0 sites, here is list of web 2.0 sites.
  23. Submit your blog to CSS directories.
  24. Ask other bloggers to interview you.
  25. Submit your blog site to DMOZ.
  26. Submit your blog to .edu and .gov forums and blog.
  27. Create Wikipedia page but very carefully
  28. Donate to charity sites and many of them will link back to your site.
  29. Do a product launch.
  30. Design top blogger award of every month in your niche, many of other bloggers will link back to you.
  31. Create a tips and tutorial post and make viral this post to get more shares and traffic.
  32. Submit blog images into image directories and include blog link to copyright notice. Also learn SEO image optimization tips
  33. Submit your blog to local business directories.
  34. Create a youtube video and link you’re your blog in the video and description.
  35. Offer free downloads, free tools
  36. Share your monthly adsence earning in your blog post so other fellow blogger get inspire and starts follow you.
  37. Submit your blog on paid directories like the Yahoo Directoryand the BOTW directory
  38. Start your affiliate program.

Recommended Link Building Strategy for 2016

Guest post – Do guest post submission o same niche and hyperlinked long tail keyword with brand and non brand promotions.

Broken Link Building – Broken link building will help you to earn quick quality backlinks form high quality pages. Find broken links on a website (related to your niche) and email the content owner and inform them about broken links. Along with that, give them a similar link from your website (Similar content which you already have to create one), and ask them to update their post.

Check your Website Traffic & Domain Ranking

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