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Get a Garden Shed to Improve Your Health

By Stephanie
Who would have thought that a garden shed could become such a popular choice of peaceful retreat for the people of Britain? Often a storage place for all our tools and gardening accessories, the garden shed is now being recognised as a place where we can find peace and quiet for the good of our health, and according to the Daily Mail, solitude in a garden shed can help to lower our blood pressure.
Get a Garden Shed to Improve Your Health
An article released back in 2011, revealed reports from the British Medical Journal stating that have a place to retreat to could lower blood pressure and the journal’s author, Professor Alan White, also claimed that it would have a positive impact on self esteem. For men, the answer is the garden shed.

Choosing a Garden Shed for Your Garden

So could it be true? Could garden sheds really lower your blood pressure? Whether these studies are exact or not, we can all agree that garden sheds can provide alternative spaces for your family to enjoy throughout the year.
Get a Garden Shed to Improve Your Health
Garden sheds can provide you with ample storage space for your gardening tools, an extra space to keep clutter which doesn’t fit in the home, or a place where family members can sit and read the afternoon paper. They’re also great for encouraging garden enthusiasts to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sun.
If you would like to add a shed to your garden, make sure you check out these quick tips. Here are some thoughts and ideas on choosing a garden shed for your garden – whether you’re looking for storage solutions, a peaceful retreat or anything else.

  • Think about size – size matters when it comes to sheds. What you will be using your garden shed for will determine what size you need. If it’s a simple storage solution you need, a basic 4x3 or 5x5 could be sufficient. But if you need a walk in storage area, or somewhere you can actually sit down and move around, you should look at anything 7x7 and over.

  • Apex sheds – the apex roof is a very popular shed style. It looks great in most gardens and can also give you added ceiling space. If you plan on using your shed as a multifunctional space, apex sheds are a popular option.

  • Pressure treated sheds – these are great for long term use because they do not require any future preservative treatments during their lifetime. Pressure treated timber is strong enough to withstand rotting or insect attacks so you can just sit back and enjoy your garden shed year after year.  If you intend on using your garden shed regularly or you intend to stay in your home for many years, pressure treated sheds can make your life a whole lot easier!

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    This article is contributed by Vickie Harrison. Vickie is a budding/beginner gardener based in the UK. In her spare time she can be found hanging out around garden centres looking for inspiration for her own small back garden that has been ruined by her big Labrador called Ernie.

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