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Germany Outranks United States in 2014 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Posted on the 18 July 2014 by Enhar Pty Ltd @Enhar_Australia
Germany Outranks United States in 2014 International Energy Efficiency ScorecardA lot of industry observers will however not be amazed to find out that Germany, who won that FIFA World Cup 2014, outranks the United States in energy efficiency. Moreover, they are moving with the goal of reducing their energy consumption by fifty percent by 2050 in comparison to what it was in 2008. But it is not only the Germans who have become popular for their engineering prowess and efficiency, India, Spain, China and Italy are also a few world economies which ranked above the United States.
 The countries that account for about seventy-one percent of the world energy consumption were assessed across thirty-one categories for 100 points. The categories mainly fell into 4 areas-energy usage at buildings, transportation, industry and national level. Germany took the top spot in the industry, China scored high in building efficiency, EU led the score in the national efforts and Italy was first in transportation.
There was simply no excuse for US lagging behind the other nations of the world on energy efficiency. Using energy efficient grant in Victoria, states such as Vermont even proved that energy efficiency reduced impact on the environment, saves money and creates a lot of job opportunities.
 This year ACEEE added a few new metrics such as agricultural efficiency, water efficiency, building retrofit policies and energy efficiency investment by the private sectors. And the US topped the score in building efficiency tying with United Kingdom. In 2012, the country ranked 9th out of 12 countries. So, all these suggest that the nation had not many any such improvements in the last two years. A lot of improvement needs to be made especially in the area like industrial efficiency, where the United States can vastly increase its use of power systems and combined heat and conduct mandatory energy audits like other nations already do. The country needs to do a lot on energy efficiency for remaining competitive in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.  

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