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Georgia, You Suck!

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
I have to rant before I explode. I'm going to make it short and to the point.
Danny got pulled over in  Dekalb County,GA in May. When he realized the officer had turned his lights on he did not get off at his exit because apparently cops get rather angry when they are on the side of a exit ramp.
He pulled over just sightly past his exit.
The initail citation was for tinted windows. Luckily for him he also received a ticket for not using the bypass which required him to take the exit that he passed just after the officer flipped his light on.
The ticket for tinted windows was 480.00. It's cheaper to get caught with a prostitute in GA then have tinted windows. Yes, we looked.
The second, for failure to use the bypass was for 280.00.
Both were paid and GA closed the case. They neglected to send the information that it had been resolved to KY and therefore last week Danny's CDL was suspended.
Be advised that if you ever need to speak to a actual person in Dekalb County GA that you are shit out of luck. I have emailed these people 20 times. Danny's company has done the same. I have contacted ever single number in the judicial system. They all tell me the same thing or redirect me to a automated system where I can pay these citations AGAIN and then receive confirmation and have the license reinstated.
I am seriously considering contacting the governor and telling him how bad his state sucks ass!!
I have been advised by someone employed inside the court house there that this is a very common complaint and to avoid waiting a month for this to be resolved that it's best to make the drive and handle it in person. Well, he'd love too IF he had a license. He has decided maybe he should make the drive and do something terrible to get pulled over. THEN maybe he might get a chance to speak to someone inside the courthouse. I'm sure the jail has a number for someone inside the courthouse, right?

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