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George Floyd and the Fall of the American Empire

By Benjaminkanarek @bkanarekblog

America has hit the bottom of the barrel! This country that as a child I loved and respected has become the scourge of anything or anyone less fortunate. This discourse is the ongoing repetitive din that we hear on a daily basis coming from "the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD????" I might have said that 30 or perhaps even 20 years ago, but the perpetual injustices and the repugnant actions of the many have pained me to no end. This is NOT the country I once loved and teared up when hearing the National Anthem (even though I am a Canadian). This is the country that has the highest prison population of any country in the world

George Floyd and the Fall of the American Empire

The only highly technologically advanced country in the world without Universal Health care. A country that allows over 50 million people to live below the poverty line. A country so filled with greed, that they elect a sociopath as their President just because he was a star on a reality show. I congratulate the United States of America for one very resounding success, one that took centuries to fulfil, yet not surprisingly accomplished. That is "the Dumbing Down of America". So seeing this episode, although H O R R I F I C today, will be dwarfed perhaps in an hour or a day from now, with another episode in the ongoing horror story called the Fall of the American Empire! The camera slowly pans to the right as the country is burning and gradually zooms in to a close up of Nero playing the violin as Rome burns to the ground! Hail to the Chief! #GeorgeFloyd

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George Floyd and the Fall of the American Empire

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