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{GBF Life + Style} See and Be Seen

By Goodbadandfab @goodbadandfab
{GBF Life + Style} See and Be Seen I wore my Harper's Boutique ivory romper to a Malibu staycation hosted by Urban Remedy and my friend Jamie Stone last week. It was an intimate experience that left a deep impact. Upon arriving at a beautiful residence/compound hidden deep in the Malibu hills, we were greeted with champagne, fruit, and a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. After a few minutes of mingling, we made our way down the hill to a backyard that's as big as band camp. I thought we were going to do some yoga, some stretching, and maybe even some mat pilates. Instead, we were led to a rustic teepee. It stood in the middle of the grounds tall and unwavering with the mid-morning rays cast a dramatic shadow enlightening its stature and presence. Things were about to get real.
Our guide Andrea took us into the teepee. We sat in a circle and for the next two hours each of us revealed our deepest fears, shared our biggest joys, and divulged problems big and small to a teepee of listeners. I cried, I laughed, I felt, and I connected. I know all of this sounds very New Age LA. I mean, I get it. I was in Malibu sitting in a circle holding hands inside a teepee. But the teepee  got us to break free of our shield and armor and reveal parts of ourselves that are flawed, troubled, and human.  For a short window of time, I opened up and let others see into me. It felt therapeutic to see and be seen. {GBF Life + Style} See and Be Seen
{GBF Life + Style} See and Be Seen
{GBF Life + Style} See and Be Seen
{GBF Life + Style} See and Be Seen
{GBF Life + Style} See and Be Seen
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