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Gastronomie Across the Park

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Guess what, ladies and gents? I've officially received my French visa... thus allowing me to indulge the nerdy student within me, and enable to live a life somewhat like the video posted on the Facebook page. What a relief. gastronomie across the park Yesterday, after bidding adieu to the lovely people at the French Consulate, I took a stroll through Central Park. The summer weather was perfect--warm, sunny, little if any humidity--and the air smelled oh-so sweet. (Next time you're not in a rush in New York, I highly suggest you commute from the Upper East to the Upper West, or vice-versa, in this way.) I was heading across town to stop byGastronomie491 to see the vibrant and wonderful Katie, and after realizing how adorable the market/café is, decided to sit down for an early lunch as well. gastronomie across the park gastronomie across the park gastronomie across the park My order? Housemade falafel with tahini, arugula, and red onion in a pita alongside a house salad. I was starving, and it was delicious. The service is noteworthingly good, too :). My waitress gave me a sample of their muhammara.
gastronomie across the park From there, I walked up to my aunt's apartment to see her and her three boys before they left for their 2-vacation in Rome, Italy. It was so nice to sit and chat. They'll be back about a week before I leave so it wasn't quite a "goodbye," but with three weeks left, the pressure to spend time with people I love is on, in a big way.

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