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Gas Boiler – Ideal Mini HE c24 No Hot Water

By Futli @futlim

Gas Boiler – Ideal Mini HE c24 no Hot water

The boiler was on a lockout. Once reset it , boiler comes on when hot water tap is open, can see the domestic hot water flow switch LED is lighted up.. so there is no problem with the demand signal.. the burner comes on, so the ignition sequence is completed.. but the water in the tap does not get hot only slightly…in the mean time the boiler finally overheats and cuts off with rattling sound. so what is the faulty part then… humm..Plate heat exchanger… Diverter… cold water inlet filter…okey… Lets take the Diverter mortor off and check the position on the hot water… cool.. On hot water demand it goes to the correct position.. What about the tem. gradiant on the flow & return…Less than 10 degrees celcious… there you have it… The plate heat exchanger is not transfering the heat into the incoming domestic cold water to produce enough tem. on the hot water outlet… Now lets look at the parts.. this boiler looks like a Twin brother of Biasi Riva Compact…but named as Idel boiler.. Who is trying to Fool me around?
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