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Garden Room - First Stage

By Sue15cat
Garden Room - First Stage
Well the steel supports are in place - almost!!
Garden Room - First Stage
As usual there are problems, the security light was directly in the way of the upright at the back right, the boiler pipes are touching the metal work and the  builders cut through the oil pipe in the ground.  The work started at 9am and ground to a halt at 1.30pm, seemingly they are back on Monday to take off the conservatory roof .... oh well something to look forward to.
Do I sound p*ssed off .... well I am.  
I hate building work.  I hate decorating.  I hate mess.  I hate mud ... and most of all I hate disruption.  It's no good telling me that it will all be alright in the end, that the end result will be worth all the disruption, the mess, the mud, the work.  It might, but at the moment I am thoroughly hating every minute of every day.  The months of endless planning and faffing about, the whole rigmarole of planning permission, building control, workmen and mess is too much for me.
And to cap it all, at the moment I am not liking the look of it ...... it's too big, it seems out of proportion to the rest of the house and the size of the conservatory.
And stamping my feet and having a hissy fit is all I can do about it.
Garden Room - First Stage
The dismal weather is matching my dismal mood perfectly.
Sue xx :-(

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