Garden 'date' January '14

Posted on the 12 January 2014 by Slowlivingessentials
(Thankyou all so much for your positive comments and support on my last post. It was encouraging to hear  feedback from those of you in similar situations regarding gluten and dairy sensitivities. I really appreciate the time you took to stop and talk about this topic).
It's been absolutely yonks since I've found myself doing a garden update..and what I have to disclose to you is that it's actually been soooo long that I fear that there is zilcho to update! So, maybe we could make it a 'date' then..? Are you with me as I take a stroll around the garden to check out what's happening in my own little corner of the world?
Garden 'date' January '14 Garden 'date' January '14
The month started with looking after my neighbour's chooks and plants while they were away. I was as excited as a small child when I stumbled around a hedge with the hose in hand and found this scarecrow looking back at me! How adorable is it?
Garden 'date' January '14
 Back at home things in the garden are progressing slowly. It hardly feels like we've had any warm weather yet, with just a handful of hot (swimworthy?) days. I am bracing myself however, for next week when the weather is forecast to soar into the high 30's for several days in a row. Not particularly comforting from a bushfire danger perspective.
Garden 'date' January '14
Strawberries are painfully slow to ripen. Especially when other home gardeners appear to have been munching on them for the past month. I have decided to take steps to increase my vertical growing space for this delicious crop in the coming summers. I think it's crazy that I could easily fit double or more the amount of hanging baskets on our courtyard wall and I am not currently utilising this space. And did you ever meet a person who didn't like strawberries? I mean reaallly didn't like them? They are pretty few and far between..
Garden 'date' January '14 Garden 'date' January '14  Looking north. I still have a soft spot for ladders in the garden. They are just so practical and mobile!
Garden 'date' January '14  We have some brussels sprouts plants that are looking promising. Confession: I have never ever grown a brussel sprout despite my many attempts! I am finding their progress quite thrilling! Really.
Garden 'date' January '14  Mental note: next year plant masses of poppies. A whole field even! Well, almost..
Garden 'date' January '14  Potatoes are ever present..
Garden 'date' January '14  Another perennial leek gone to flower. I am not minding at all because their flowers are just so very interesting!
Garden 'date' January '14  Climbing beans growing from last summers saved seed.
Garden 'date' January '14  The first blush! Oh my :) This apricot tree is a Moorpark. We also have a Trevatt growing and it's fruit is slightly delayed in ripeness compared to the Moorpark. I absolutely adore homegrown apricots.
Garden 'date' January '14 Corn is in. This year in the hugelkultur bed. I am loving the sunny aspect and the decreased demand for watering from this bed using this style of gardening. (Hugelkultur is basically a method of building beds that involves piling rotting timber and then layers of organic material and soil to plant into. It has many benefits including increased water holding capabilities and available nutrients for plants). So far the corn (and cucumbers) look pretty content. I'm also hoping the cucumbers grow well in among the corn stalks. Have you paired these two together before? How did they go?
Garden 'date' January '14 Lemon verbena. Have you tried it in a tea? It's so easy, just allow a few leaves to infuse in boiled water for a few minutes and then...drink! It really is that simple. And it's also so very refreshing. The leaves also dry really well for use when the plant is dormant over winter.
What's happening in your patch/garden/balcony/windowsill at the moment? 

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