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Game of Thrones: Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

By Xoxoxoe
Game of Thrones has outdone itself with the attack on "Hardhome," the third to last episode of the fifth season. It was edge-of-your-seat, hold-your-breath action as a full-scale White Walker and wight attack hit the last stand of the Wildlings. A hard home, indeed. Adding to the excitement was the way the attack was filmed — the wights fighting was full of jerky motion and sped up, escalated the horror. Things only slowed down when some creepy wight children made an appearance ... truly eerie.

game of thrones: don't it make my brown eyes blue

For a moment Game of Thrones teased us with a potential cool Wildling gal/new love interest (Birgitte Hjort Sorenson) for Jon Snow. I should have known when she put her two daughters in the boat and stayed behind ... Don't it make my brown eyes blue ...

game of thrones: don't it make my brown eyes blue

The Army of the Dead is on the rise

game of thrones: don't it make my brown eyes blue

Jon (Kit Harington) and Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) — Seeing is believing

The last few moments, with Jon just looking at the devastation, watching the army of the dead's numbers increasing before his eyes, was amazing. So much said with no dialog. The young commander of the Night's Watch may have come north and talked well, and convincingly, of why the Wildlings needed to get out, and fast, but saying "Winter is Coming" and seeing it happen are two very different things.
There were other great moments, earlier in the episode. Cersei in jail, visited by Qyburn (but not Tommen!) and tormented by Septas. Arya continuing her magical assassin training. Sansa getting some important intel from Theon ("Not Theon, Reek!) Sam and Gilly and young Ollie, who no one is taking seriously enough. And of course, the new dream team, Tyrion and Daenerys. Dany, for the first time, in conversation with Tyrion, sounded like a real queen. Tyrion is magic. He also managed to save Jorah, but at what price?
As completely wonderful as it was to see Tyrion and Dany size each other up and both like what they see (and discussing Varys — please bring back our favorite eunuch!), the heart of the episode took place north of The Wall. Which may be a clue as to who is really equipped to be left standing when the battle of ice and fire is done. Plus, Giants! Start gathering up your dragon glass and Valyrian steel, kids, it's going to be a bumpy night.
One more note to consider for the future. About that Valyrian steel, or dragon steel. Like dragon glass (obsidian), it has the ability to kill White Walkers. Jon has Longclaw, a Valyrian steel sword given to him by former head of the Night's Watch, Jeor Mormont. Ned Stark had Ice, which was melted down and turned into two swords by Tywin Lannister — one. Oathkeeper, was given to his son Jaime, who then regifted it to Brienne, and the other, Widow's Wail, was given to his grandson Joffrey. Now that Joffrey is dead, does Tommen have it? There was also Littlefinger's Valyrian steel dagger, which was used in an assassination attempt on Bran Stark. Is there any other Valyrian steel floating around the Seven Kingdoms? Now would be a good time to find out ...

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