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Future Self

By Thebangtoddowenwaldorf @BangLiving

It’s interesting preparing for your future self.  Later I will look back on now and I could feel rewarded about today, or like crap.  I want to feel rewarded.  How do I Future Selfmake that happen?

Start by doing things. Have a role model?  Do those things they do.  My role model is Theodore Roosevelt.  He left his upper class surroundings and ventured out west to hunt a buffalo.  I left my corporate job and traveled to the Outback for a year.  If you have never stopped on the side of the road to help someone, but admired someone who has, then do that thing.

Try something!  Something you haven’t done before.  It doesn’t matter what.  I often find myself thinking that something is only worth doing if you are really good at it.  The truth is when you do something even once you instantly became better at it.  That’s instant growth.  Challenging yourself is good.  The more you challenge your mind, the more it is capable of handling challenges.  Funny how that works.

Write stuff.  Lots of stuff.  You won’t remember today what you knew two years ago.  Maybe two years ago you knew some cool stuff.  Write notes to remember that stuff.  Why waste your time learning lessons for a second time?  Your future self will thank you for the tip.

Pat yourself on the back.  Look around.  Look what you have done.  You’ve accomplished a lot already.  If we let the wants overwhelm the haves than we lose what we already have.  Enjoy the cookie instead of waiting for the milk.  It takes discipline to enjoy what we have.  It seems we are programed to work towards the next objective.  Take a moment out of the day to think about the things you have.  It’s the fastest get rich scheme there is.

Be today.  Let your future self deal with tomorrow.  I can think of an endless amount of things to worry about for tomorrow.  I’m really good at it.  It’s exhausting though and so I gave it up.  Now I only focus on today.  Hire your future self as your personal assistant to handle all of your future problems.  Suddenly most of those problems disappear because they haven’t occured yet.  Don’t worry yourself about the storm of tomorrow that doesn’t exist today.

When it is all said and done, our future self is someone that we might never know.  That person could transform and grow in ways unimaginable to us today.  It’s a bit unfair that they get to know us though.  Set the bar high.  Be someone today that your future self will be proud of.

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