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FUNNY VIDEO: The Laziest DOGS Ever!

By Hausofpaws @hausofpaws

FUNNY VIDEO: The Laziest DOGS Ever!

This dog gets dragged off the ground by his canine friend. | YouTube via Petsami

Laziness is a trait that is well-known in the human world. Many of us, at one time or another, just don't want to do anything. But what happens when you have dogs that get the same idea? What you get is a compilation footage of some of the laziest dogs around!

FUNNY VIDEO: The Laziest DOGS Ever!

You'll have to drag me off the ground! | YouTube via Petsami

If you think that being dragged while you're on your back or lying supine are strictly for humans, think again!
The following video depicts just how lazy dogs can be when they don't want to move! Squirrels taking peanuts while you watch, birds on your back, frogs lying on your tail or having another canine friend help drag you off the floor are some of the most extreme cases of dog lethargy.

VIDEO: Really Lazy Dogs

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