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Funniest Moment of the Day

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert

 Funniest moment of the day: Zackary told a little white lie and despite how I hated being threaten with Hell as a child I slipped and blurted "Zackary, do you know where people go who tell lies?" and without missing a a beat he answered "Walmart."
 "Yes Zackary. That's exactly right."
I can see where my Gates of  Hell comments have clearly made a lasting impression on him. He wants no part of Walmart. :)
My FB stalking.....errrr.....I mean keeping up with public relations is taking a back seat to my Psyc Degree. One might argue the two go hand and hand. I would have to agree. Even tho it's turned back on I have been on it twice in two weeks. My name is Kathy and I'm 14 days sober. (ok, not completely sober, but you get the idea)
All the hair is gone again. I had intended to grow it out. Life gets hard. Kids get into trouble. Appointments have to be kept. The first thing that always goes is the hair when things get hairy. No pun intended.
The new Dr is going well. He only manages meds. That being said I need some good referrals for therapists. We are still seeing one at Lifeskills for the time being. Eli loves him but I like to shop around and have options. I'm always looking for something better. Things can always be improved upon.
Most worrisome moment of the weekend: Dad had a nasty fall. Broke a finger I'm sure, but is not, nor will ever be one to see a Dr. This man is why I hate whiners. He has been beat, bruised and broken from cattle over the years and has crawled back to the house at times and still never uttered one complaint. He suffers from deteriorating disk. Doctors tell him he will wake up one morning and be in a wheel chair. There are times I can see the pain in his face but he still never even so much as whispers a complaint. He don't have to tell me the fall hurt. I know it did. I love that tough man. I hope he don't suffer with the soreness of it long.
I received two bouquets of flowers today. Lilies from my herd and Lilies and Tulips from Danny. I HATE roses. It's no secrete that this isn't my first rodeo. At a early age I discovered Roses usually meant someone was sorry for something that would eventually end in me spending a lot of money on a lawyer and mapping out a custody agreement. Thank you. They are a little burst of color in this very cold and ugly time of year.
Class is going well. I have overcome the fear and it's been replaced by the fact that school is flippen hard. I use to dream about the hairy things in life that made me snap and chop off all my hair. Now I dream about Neurons and Chronological Order. Occasionally I even dream about rhetorical questions. :)
I'm still loving The Voice. On that out Paul McCartney. Jordis Unga earned a spot on my iPod with this one!!

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