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Fundraising for School Groups

By Mregina @justfundraising

Fundraising for School Groups It seems like arts funding in schools are always the first to be cut. It’s a hard decision but with school budgets they way they are the past couple of years decisions have to be made.

To make up the shortfall the emphasis is put on booster clubs.  The parents of the students become instant volunteers and help raise hundreds of thoudsands of dollars a year.

The largest part of the budget goes toward clinicians who work with the students on marching and playing their instruments. Funds are also used for transportation to orchestra festivals and band tournaments, to purchase music and field shows and to buy and repair instruments.

Richard Stegman, Poway High School Music Booster executive vice president, has two daughters in the music program, senior Haley and freshman Samantha. He said fundraising is absolutely necessary, especially because of budget cuts.

“What you realize is that the high school budget has been drastically cut over the years, so the parents group together and organize,” said Richard. “Our main function is to fundraise and support the music program in any way it needs to be supported. Without the music boosters, the program would not be as good as it is.”

The same goes for other school social clubs. Cheerleading, Chess, football, baseball, basetball etc, they all have booster clubs to help them raise money.

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Here’s a little High School band action to send you out with since we’re talking music.

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