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Functions of Security Guards

By Alexapoblete
Security guards are threat, crime and risk prevention officers whose main function is to protect certain people & property. So, they have a big role to play when it comes to securing a premises, whether residential, industrial or commercial and protecting the occupants of the premises. However, finding and hiring these security guards are not a problem. There are many companies that offer the services of security guard hire in Brisbane. Have a look below to know the main functions that are provided by these professionals.
Keeps the property safe & sound
This is the first and foremost duty of security guards. In fact, they are hired mainly for this purpose. So, this means they always keep themselves active within the premises for providing utmost security to the property. They keep a close eye on people who try to enter the space or are already in the property by walking around the many sections or by looking at the security cameras.
Functions of Security Guards
Interacts with guests
In order to do this expeditiously, the security guard needs to be well-behaved. He shouldn't be rude but polite, patient, active and efficient for doing this task. This is because a person may ask him about a shop when entering a shopping mall and may tell him that he is unable to find it asking him to show the way. The security guard without having any problem must be able to show the person the exact way from where to go from mentioning the exact floor or any landmark politely.
Functions of Security GuardsTakes note of unusual incidents
This is one of the major duties of a security guard. He needs to pay attention to all kinds of unusual incidents that are happening within the premises and take proper action immediately and accordingly. For instance, if a he finds a person involved in some unethical activity within the premises he may notify him or her about the rules of the property and make sure that the person doesn't do it again.
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