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Fun with Telemarketers!

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
Play the good times ... The phone rings at my buddy's house, we can see from the caller ID that it is some type of telemarketer, the number that is displayed starts with 1-888. So I ask my friend if I can answer it. He smiles.
"Hello." I answer.
The guy on the other end says, "Yes. Hello. Is Mrs. XXXXX available?"
"I'm sorry Sir." I said. "But Bailey is happily married with stretchmarks from having two kids. So no! She is not available and I don't think that her Hubby would appreciate you calling here trying to hit on her like this."
Dead silence.
Now that is how you handle a salesman!
►► Fast Foward 15 minutes, when we sat down for supper...
"STRETCHMARKS!!! You had to tell the guy I had stretchmarks?!" she bellows at me from across the table.
There's that dead silence again.
That's when it happened.
Awkward moment. You know.. that awkward moment when you look up from your dinner plate and your best friend and his wife are giving you dirty looks while clutching their steak knives in their hand.
 "Whaaaat?" I mumbled with my mouth full of food.
"Exactly how do you know that my wife has stretchmarks?" my buddy asks from across the other side of the table.  
"No fighting at the table" piped in their youngest.
Stop right there,   .... Saved by the kid in the yellow shirt!

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