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Fun with Stats

By Erynecarter06

No. This isn’t about math.

We’re looking at some of the stats from ‘A Glimpse Into Eryn’s World’ since the blog began in 2011.  It’s hard to believe it’s already been almost 3 years (maybe 1.5 years of actual consistent blogging), but it’s definitely been fun. Here we go!

Top Views by Country:

United States: 4,959 views

United Kingdom: 95

– Before I go any further, can I just say what a GIANT drop that was between the US and UK? Clearly my blog was enjoyed by those in the US, more than anyone else.

Canada: 93

Germany: 87

India: 66

And that rounds out the top 5…. other interesting countries to note.

Latvia – 11

Macedonia – 1

Oman – 1

Here’s a view on a map of every country that’s checked out the blog.

Create your own travel mapTravBuddy

Moving on….

Next up – Keywords: these tend to be usually pretty funny, especially out of context. Let’s see. And not all are listed, just some of the best ones

Top 5:

HDR Sky – 66

Boston Skyline – 33

Sky HDR – 28

Candy Cane Flowers – 21

Tutus – 20

Evidently, my most popular post was one in which I included a cool abstract photo of the sky at Hampton Beach. Guess I need to bring back more photography to the blog!

Here are some other interesting keywords.

Best Flowers in the World

Great Photography Pictures

80′s party tutus

Moonlight over Cape Code – the best part; I have no pictures of cape cod

“Boys and Man” – I’m a little lost… and confused on this one.

“Free image of boston skyline” – They better not have taken it! It’s not free


Архитектура – I have no idea what this means… but when I Google it, it appears to mean architecture.

Sharks at Sea World – Uhm………

Eryn Daigle Beach Body – I guess they kind of found what they were looking for… I mean, I’m a girl named Eryn….

Normal photography – what qualifies as normal exactly?

Not your typical tutu

“was melting” – I just really want to know what was melting. And why they were searching for it.

Residential treatment for overeating disorder in northern california – And I hope the post they found helped them.

Tumblr cortisone foot

My fitness trainer wants me to go gluten free – Do you have a sensitivity? Or an allergy? Don’t do it just because you think you’ll lose weight.

Hard to get accepted dana farber marathon challenge 2014 – I’m not sure why it brought them to my blog. I wasn’t a runner yet, nor have I ever spoke about marathons….

How can they make sure another plane can not disappear with out a trace – Going to guess this is because of my thoughts on Malaysia Air – I’m sure the NSA had a field day with these searches…

On the biggest loser, what were they doing on the treadmill – Running. They were running.

My therapist if trying to get to go to a residential treatment center, and I am not going – Go. It will help.

Can I be a Personal Trainer – Sure.

Unknown terms – 416….. and I’m dying to know what each one of those is!!!!

So what did I learn? My blog does the best when photography is involved! Okay, okay. I’ll start posting more of my personal work back on here. Twist my arm


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