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Fun on a Wet and Windy Day

By Philmonk

This weekend has been a wash out so far. Grey, wet and miserable with everyone stuck in doors. Not helped that I have another horrible cold/flu that got steadily worse during the week.

Today we decided we couldn’t sit in and stare at four walls any longer, let alone watch another repeat of Peppa Pig!!!

So we all wrapped up, put our rain jackets and boots on and took a leaf out of Peppa’s book and went and jumped up and down in muddy puddles.

We spent half and hour walking around where we live trying to find the biggest, muddiest puddle, which we managed to do. Lots of splashing and laughing was what we all needed and it wasn’t long before we were all soaked through.

It reminded me of the things my mom used to let my brother and I do. We would be the only ones out playing on a horrible wet day but it allowed us to let of some steam (and it got us out from under her feet for a short while).

We could have opted for the local indoor play area, and no doubt plenty of parents will have done so this weekend but this was free and it was a lot more fun too.

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