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By Livingnotes @livingnotesnyc
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How about Fun & Interesting series? Nothing mega new, but for me personally it is one of the favorite parts of the blogs, and I think one of my own would be fun to have. Please, share yours! Blog about it and link it in the comment box. I would absolutely love to see fun and interesting things you come across!
This looks so delicious! I think this will have to make it to the table on a Saturday morning! 
Mint biker style jacket? Fun! 
This is true for me - what about you? 
Pretty! ( and not hard to do, i tried!)
Just what we need for the season.
What a great little Valentine idea! I think you can try it with other things too!
This is an absolutely ridiculously flattering jean ( looks better on person then they styled on the model. and DON'T size down like they tell you - not for this particular wash ( though true for other washes)). $25 off your order if you need it is here.
How beautiful is this?
This outfit makes me wish it was spring already... ( it's nice and seamy 3 degrees outside. this weather gone crazy. officially) Red flats would be so awesome with it too! right?
This exhibition at the Met is awesome! Don't miss it, if you are in the area! I think this one and this one would be fun to see as well.
Laughed when I did this personality test. Crazy! Do you like these things? Does it ring true to you? 
Wishing you an absolutely fabulous Thursday!  Friday is just around the corner ( yay!) Stop by before you take off for a weekend!   
Fun & Interesing

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