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Fun In The Snow

By Philmonk

The recent snow has been Jessica’s first real experience of it. She was too little to really go out in it last year so we were excited to see what she might make of it this time round.

I got a ‘snow day’ on Friday and although mainly working from home in the afternoon we decided to pop out for half an hour and see what Jessica made of it.

After wrapping her up in more layers than I thought was possible we ventured out.

Almost straight away Jessica loved being out in the snow, running around and following mummy as she found some fresh snow to jump in. Some of it was a little too deep for her, and she nearly disappeared a few times much to my amusement.

We only last about 30 minutes, despite our many attempts Jessica doesn’t really seem to like keeping her mittens on.

On Saturday we ventured out again, taking Jessica out in the pushchair for a walk to the local supermarket, not one of our best ideas, pushing a bugger through snow is pretty hard work but great exercise. I ‘had’ to get myself a snow shovel which Jessica helped me use when we got back.

Our next door neighbour came back with his girls, they had been out on their sledges. He asked if we’d like to borrow one to see if Jessica might like it.

We jumped at the chance. Jessica looked quite small on their big sledge but was soon smiling as we pulled her round the corner and down the hill.

It was great fun taking it in turns to let her slide down the hill next to our house, each of us having our turn to catch her as she came speeding towards us. We’d thought she might not be so keen but was laughing and making ‘weeeeeeeeeee’ sounds at she slid down the hill.

Tomorrow we might build a snow man, if we can get her to keep her mittens on for more than five minutes.


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