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Fun Children’s Party Games to Play

By Partyoptions

Fun Children’s Party Games to Play

Having a children’s party is great fun but can be hard work especially if you have to think of things to keep the kids amused for a couple of hours.
Here’s a few ideas for party games that are both tradition and fun for all ages

Pass the Parcel
I think everyone has played this at some point in there lives its the classic game where you pass around a parcel that has been wrapped several times with a main prize in the very centre but with often sweets or treats in every layer as well. Just keep on passing the parcel around the circle until the music stops and the person holding the parcel at that time opens one layer of wrapping. Just keep going until all the wrapping has gone and someone have won the main prize.

Pop the Balloon
This is a great game and ideal for younger kids. Place a small piece of paper with a number written on it inside each balloon, then blow them up and tie them off as normal. Then get a second set of the same numbers on some more pieces of paper. Each child is then given a balloon to pop, most fun is by sitting on top of it. A number is then drawn from a hat that has the second set of numbers in and whoever had the balloon with the matching number inside is the winner.

Musical Chairs
Another great traditional game this which also helps to burn off a bit of energy with some running around. For musical chairs just place one less chair than their are party guests in a row with one facing forward and one facing backward and play some party music with the children running around the chairs until the music is stopped and everyone has to sit down except the last person who can`t get a seat which means they are out, then remove a chair and keep going until you get down to the last person who is the winner and gets a present.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
For a slight twist on this game and to get extra value from a pinata, buy a donkey shaped pinata and play pin the tale before you bash the pinata and don`t forget the blindfold, whoever gets the closest gets a prize and first bash at the pinata.

Balloon Race
Place on the floor anything you can find to use as place markers such as pots, pans or tape. The children are then split up into teams of four or more and given one balloon per team. One person from each team then stands at one of the markers. The first player from each team starts by holding the balloon between there ankles or knees and hops to the next marker and person to pass on the balloon (try not to use your hands). That teammate then hops to the next person and marker and so on. If at any time someone drops or pops the balloon, that team must start over. The first team to complete the course wins.

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