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Full Service Conference Calls

Posted on the 21 October 2014 by Maranda Gibson @accuconference
Full Service Conference Calls

The goal of any business that promises “full-service” is to provide a single place that a customer can go to get everything they might need. A full-service car wash will not only run your car through the wash, it will also wipe down the interior and vacuum the inside. You might also find that one location will provide hand wash or waxing services, and even a pushy little guy offering you windshield repair.

Somewhere along the lines, their developer or manager decided that there was no reason why a customer should need to go anywhere else for their car needs. You’ve seen these places. You might even frequent them on a sunny day. Full service is about getting what you want in one place.

So how does AccuConference present a full service conference call model to our customers? Easy – we would allow having as many or as few features on your conferences. This way our customers know they can use one company to do anything they need with a teleconference. Every account comes with free features that you might pay more for somewhere else, or be forced to have an operator manage the call for you.

  • Live call screen to see who is on your call.
  • Lecture mode and pre-conferences.
  • Free conference recording.
  • Live Q&A sessions.

Much like a car wash has a number of packages you can choose from for your wash, we also have set up the same kind of package buying with your account, and you can choose any one of those on any one of your conferences.

Do It Yourself Conference Calls

Most of our customers take advantage of the do-it-yourself conferences. They get their information from us (dial in number and codes) and set up their conference time. From there, they can do most of everything one of our operators can do without being forced to pay a higher charge for an operator call. Even better – if you want to do these kinds of calls, we will take the time to teach you.

Large Online Events

For those big webinar events you need to have, we have large capacity conference bridges available. To set up something that’s going to be more than 149 people, you need to give us a call and let us set up an online event for you. You can share a PowerPoint, a Youtube video, and even chat with your participants. You can manage all of this on your own and all we ask is for at least twenty-four hours of notice to make sure your call is properly scheduled.

Operator Assisted Conferences

This kind of conference call is the full detail package you can get at the car wash. We treat your conference like it’s our own, from set up, to collecting information, and running all of your technical needs, like Q&A. These conferences are customizable, right down to the introduction that we read to your participants. We’ve done a bit of everything – educational announcements, quarterly financial calls, and even presidential events.

We believe that a good conference service can do as much or as little as you need. Full service is about providing one business that you can go to for anything you might need. Call us at 800.977.4607 to inquire about any of your conference needs.

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