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Full of It

By Myjoneses
Life has been full of it lately and so are my boys.  Literally and figuratively we've all been up to a bunch of nonsense.  But the fun, this is what life should be full of nonsense. 
Happy meal toys, pajama days, dinosaur capes and escaping about sums up our weekend.  Of course I've got to add in a few good lines from my little buddies:
Full of ItCyrus enlightened me in several ways:
Did you know cats from Ohio eat hay?  Me neither, according to Cy this is fact because well, he just knows.  
During a trip to Joann fabrics Sunday we came across the Crayola aisle, Cyrus, " Mommy you should have known better than to take me by this aisle.  You know I can't control myself I love it. "
Full of ItSage is non stop and trying out his new extended vocabulary.  We now get dada, mama, nana, papa, b (my mom), dooie (depending on the context my sister or scooby doo)..... and bumpa (great grandpa) taught him this new one: "How Dooo"
Full of ItMy biggest one Sean has been up to it too.  Whatever it might be.  This is what he came home with tonight.  Yes seriously a stack of coffee filters.  The lady at Wilson Farms gave them to him.  
It's a weird phenomenon that boggles both him and me, if you get to know Sean you'll learn people like to give him things and tell him everything.  Yes, again seriously.  He came home with fifty million free coffee filters and way too much information about the cashier who use to live in Detroit and made a bad joke about Sean getting lucky on lotto tickets.  Enough said.   
Full of ItOn another note I ate too many chocolate chip cookies tonight.  In hindsight you remember while cookies might be forgiving your pants aren't.  Pretty sure that's all the wisdom I have for tonight, not that it's going to stop me from eating some more cookies at Jones Bakery tomorrow! Full of ItSubscribe in a reader

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