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Fruity Perks

By Sue15cat
Fruity Perks
I picked the first three Strawberries off our plants yesterday, well the first three that made it into the house,  I've been sampling the wares for a couple of days while I've been out and about either walking the dogs or working in the polytunnel ;-)
Now three isn't many even just for one person so I had to think of a way to savour them all the more and this is what I decided on for breakfast yesterday.  The three strawberries sliced up, minus a few slices that I accidently ate while the toast was toasting, sat on a good helping of homemade bramble jam, the last jar from the 2010 stash of blackberries. 
It was a bit sweet for me but the slight edge of the strawberries made it taste lovely and fresh.  Not a bad start to the day.
Growers perks!!
Because I've been picking them little and often the plants are now filling with new fruits and I'll be able to gather a bowlful tomorrow .... if I can leave them alone long enough.
Sue xx

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