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Fruit Flavour!

By Love Style Blogging @lovestyleblog
Fruit Flavour!
Fruit Flavour!
Fruit Flavour!
Fruit Flavour!
Fruit Flavour!
IFruit Flavour!
Fruit Flavour!I have come out of my bad haze and feeling alive today. This should have been posted earlier this week as this is what I wore on Sunday to the beach, it was such a beautiful day in Sydney and has been over the last few days, really warm weather, blue skies and then spectacular electrical storms in the afternoon to cool everything down.
I love this dress it reminds me of those lifesaver lollies - anyone remember the quote 'a rainbow of fruit flavours' & I was able to pair them up with my amazing new CD flats that had their first wear too on Sunday. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day today people.
We are catching up with friends tonight a blog post will come about what they brought back for me - so kind of them, it's truly a LOVE story!
Dress: From a stall in China Town, Sydney
Shoes: Christian Dior
Accessories: Michael Kors, Asos, French Connection, various Vintage pieces from all around the world (Bali, Cuba, England), Diva, Mimco
Necklace: Rozelle Markets (isn't it so beautiful!?)
Lips: Model Co, Red Horizon
Fragrance: Balenciaga Paris

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