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Frugal Tip: Make Your Own Crate Seats

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Crate Seats, My Way
There was a time that we used old milk crates to hold up a beautiful wooden table top that we found in the garbage - to make a coffee table.
It looked great, though it felt a bit cheesy...
However, these really do look cute and would make a great addition to the playroom - or even classroom! They are seats - made out of file crates.
You just make a cushion (out of plywood, foam and fabric - staple or hot glue gun in place) to place on the crate.
For little children, you could place the cushion on the open top of the crate, and use the inside of the crate for storage.
For an older child or teen, you need to put the cushion on the bottom side of the crate, and use the crate with the open side down.
Using a vinyl tablecloth for your seat covering fabric would make your seat easy to clean - and great for outdoor use!
Crate Seats, My Way.
-- Cute little seats with storage or not.
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From our Facebook fan page:
Jessica Lyn Larrew posted: I think the kids would love these for paying games at the coffee table, playing video games, or as foot rests!!
Lori Weaver Razzano posted: Nice!
Brooke Ashley Perkins-Vails posted: Pretty Nifty Idea !!
Kristen Ann Jones Schirmer posted: My sister is using them in her classroom!

Image: Sterilite Corp. 16928006 Storage Crate - Great for filing, toys, etcImage: Baltic Birch Plywood, 9mm - 3/8x12x12 - This plywood is a functional grade material composed of birch from parts of Russia
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• Sterilite Corp. Storage Crate
• Baltic Birch Plywood
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Heavy Duty Staple Gun
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Arrow Fastener All Purpose Hot Melt Glue Gun
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