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Frugal Tip: Bathtub Toy Storage

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
For the Home
If I had little ones, I would do this one in minute! I even have a spring loaded bar and shower rings on hand, not being used for anything.
Place a spring-loaded shower rod against the back wall of your tub, with wire baskets hanging on shower curtain hooks to organize all those bath toys.
I think any sort of basket would work, either wire or plastic baskets.
When company comes over, just move the rod to the top of the shower to get it out of the way.
Hmm... I wonder what you could store there if there were no little ones in the house? Reading material? Candles? cleaning supplies?
So, who is going to try this one?
Idea and photo credit:​jander3
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From our Facebook fan page:
Hannah Taylor posted: I love this idea
Tonya DeKruger posted: Awesome idea!
Angela Bergman posted: I did this for my own stuff, but I put it up high. My husband was always knocking my stuff off the ledge and cussing every morning. He thanked me profusely
Wanda Hurley posted: Very clever. Wish I had known 12 years ago.
Stacy Warner Dominguez posted: Love this!
Alyssa E Snyder posted: Awesome organizational tool!
Tina Taylor Montesano posted: So much better than those plastic Frog Pods that create mold. Great idea!
Jowanda K. Wiseman posted: Trying to figure out how I can make that work in my stand-alone shower (my whirlpool tub has no walls) for the grandkids and their 'stuff'
Mimi Langille posted: Me! I am. That's a great idea
Karla Tiburcio posted: Great idea. I placed a second rod to dry up the towels or clothes that need to be hung dry
Jennifer Krane posted: Three kids all under four years old - I am so doing this!!
Trisha Olsen Sisson posted: I love this!! I's been looking for a solution to all the bath tub toys!!
Amber Law posted: OMG!! That is by far the smartest thing I have seen in a while! Pretty sure this is my new to do for my to do list!!
Anna Rodriguez Swetman posted: LOVE IT!!!
Adrianne A. Henderson posted: This is brilliant!
Michelle Atkinson posted: AWESOME Going to have to try it!
Jo Hollis posted: This is great.. those Grandbabies will love it!!!
Janette Bennett posted: Awesome idea!
Barbara Brindley Shelley posted: Would be great for all the different shampoos and body products that keep getting knocked off around the tub.

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