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Frozen in Time,waiting for the Sun.....

By Plot58 @plot58

Frozen in time,waiting for the sun.....I must start with an a apology, I haven’t blogged as much the last few weeks, I am in the process of moving jobs, to a much larger kitchen within the same company and this is putting a big demand on me at present so my allotment time has been short and sweet.
But that said all its done is rain, rain, rain and when we did get a spell of good weather like over the weekend just gone I was working!! Typical.
I have so many tender plants sitting in the green house and cold frames waiting to go in up the allotment but the temperatures haven’t been warm enough to risk planning them out, I don’t want to lose any of my plants they are all looking really healthy and strong.
Today is my only chance I think I will get to get down the allotment but as I type it’s starting to spit with rain outside and the forecast for later is rain so I may not get the chance anyway. Frozen in time,waiting for the sun.....
It’s been a very frustrating year so far for the allotment march promised so much but all downhill from there. I have never know a May as cold as what we are having at present, nothing wants to grow most plants seem “frozen in time” ready to burst into life at the first sign of sun.  so lets all hope that it shows its face sometime soon!

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