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From the Streets to the Fashion Week

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
All the potential outfits I created for Fashion Week are actually inspired from prior looks you've already seen on the blog, so today I just wanted to show you how I transform my everyday outfits since I don't have this much clothes.

Look #1
From this..
From the streets to the Fashion Week
To this..From the streets to the Fashion Week

For this look I didn't change so much things. I just put on some heels and changed my tights.  Yes, easy but effective in my opinion. Actually I thought of the girls I've seen while in London last year. It seems like every Londoner always bring in her bag a good pair of flats or sneakers to save her from feet pain. London is a business but stylish city so I suppose that every working girl (or not) when dressing up in the morning always think of an outfit which can be worn with both heels and flat shoes (or sneakers). I guess I am a Londoner deep in my heart hence the few changes for this outfit. Look #2 
From this..From the streets to the Fashion WeekTo this..From the streets to the Fashion WeekThe first picture is from my trip to London, definitely I belong to this town. See, here again, easy. I changed nothing except for the shoes. As I told you before, this look reflects the best who I am, and here is the proof since I consider this outfit comfortable when I'm traveling and stylish when worn for a fashion event or a night out.Look #3
From this..From the streets to the Fashion Week                 +
From the streets to the Fashion Week
To this..From the streets to the Fashion WeekLet me repeat myself, I am a Londoner at heart. The fluffy jacket I'm wearing is from London. In my wardrobe I don't have many fluffly things, but I was and still is convinced that buying this jacket add something special to every simple outfit I am wearing. See on the second picture, in the end I'm not wearing this much : some leggings, a t-shirt and some boots. It's the jacket which makes the difference, obviously my hairstyle also has to do something with the "difference factor". No wonder I decided to put it with my last adored purchase from Yesstyle. If I could I would have pull out the same pompadour hairdo, but I'm still in the process of learning how to style my braids. And by that I mean not only letting them down or put together..anyway, in my opinion even the second outfit for Fashion Week would have been a winner. Looking how I created these potential outfits I came to realize that I am pretty consistent with my style. There is no drastic change. My daily wear becomes party or fashion events outfits easily and I don't mind it. Now that I summed up all these points I realized I was like that because shopping is not a regular habit of mine so reinventing my outfit has become natural.

Do you feel like to reinvent your closet you need to shop or are you like me, shopping a few and trying to come up with new combinations of clothes ?

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