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From the Art By Cedar Archives: Late Afternoon Sunlight

By Artbycedar

This painting, “Late Afternoon Sunlight” continued the theme of silhouetted birds and expressive trees that I was focused on that year.

It was painted in acrylics, but the soft washes of color in the sky look like watercolors. The whole painting has an inviting glow.

Late Afternoon Sunlight. 30″ x 36″, Acrylic on Canvas, © 2005 Cedar Lee

The eye travels straight back between the trees to the sky. The birds are active in the treetops, chattering and flitting around. The trees are exaggeratedly wide at their bases, some of them leaning a bit to one side, giving them personality.

I think this painting simultaneously shows movement and stillness. When showing this painting to people, they often told me it stirred an emotional response in them because it reminded them of some place in their memories, often from childhood.

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