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From Norweigien Oil Field to Floating Hotel: Sleep-able Escape Pod

Posted on the 08 September 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

From Norweigien Oil Field to Floating Hotel: Sleep-able Escape PodNow this is recycling. Not that you’d easily decide to spend the night in one – they cost about $100 per stay and are definitely not the most comfortable looking accommodations – but you could get your z’s in a repurposed oil rig escape pod. This is all made possible through a pretty interesting idea from Denis Oudendijk, a self-labeled garbage architect who does “research into re-use.”

Essentially enormous buoys (one apparently washed up in Florida sometime after hurricane Katrina) they were originally made for use as an escape pod should an accident occur on an oil rig out at sea. Keeping their industrial ruggedness, they aren’t really any more “hotelier” than they were when in use as escape pods. The floating hotel rooms are 14 ft across and can sleep 3 people. They come with a lock on the outside and a chemical toilet on the inside. If you’re in Europe, you can book a stay here.

Denis is part of Refunc, a group that “is providing a second life for found or thrown-away objects [and] operate on the borders of architecture, art and design and create new products from old materials.”


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