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From Blog Life to Real Life!

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
The day has come! It's time to party with Britt & I :)
From Blog Life to Real Life!
Here's the deal...
We came up with 10 questions for you to answer about other bloggers.
Are you ready for my answers?!
1. Do you have any real life blog friends? 
YES! I've had the privilege of meeting one blogger in real life that I didn't know before I started blogging...Candice from Teatime Thoughts! She is one of the most thoughtful people and I am so blessed to have her in my life :) Love you, girl!
From Blog Life to Real Life!
AND I know one other blogger in real life...Sara from The Lovely Lemon :) We've actually known each other for a few years but guess what brought us together as friends again? You guessed it, BLOGGING! Adam & I adore her & her husband. We actually have a double date planned with them next Saturday :) STOKED!

2. Which blogger are you just dying to meet?
MEG! My beloved blog BFF :) She blogs over at Sweetly Complicated, and I've decided that we WILL meet in real life. Sooner rather than later. You got that, Meg? ;) I know that God put us in each other's lives at the perfect time. She always knows how to brighten my day! Love her!
And Lindsay from Trial By Sapphire, my blog big sister! #callinglindz ;) Lindsay gives the best advice and her positive attitude and hello, gorgeous smile are contagious! Actually this works out...both of these lovelies live in Texas. TEXAS OR BUST :)
From Blog Life to Real Life!

3. Which blogger's closet do you want to raid? 

Emma from Emma Lately :) Our styles are SO similar and every time I see an outfit she has bought or worn I always want it to magically appear in my closet! Plus I just love her! And because I'm all about closet raiding, I'll throw in an extra...Steph from Steph's Sweet Life :) Okay and Annie from The Other Side of Gray, because she has so many bold pieces that I would normally be terrified to wear but she always pulls them off and looks fabulous!

4. You are stuck on an island. Which blogger would you want with you to help you survive? 
This was an easy one! My blog big sister, Lindsay! She blogs over at Trial By Sapphire. I have a feeling that she would be able to keep me calm and plus she's a modern day hippie. She'd be able to make us some all natural food & products like it was nothing ;) I love her SO much and she has taught me a ton :)

5. The first blogger you remember "meeting" and connecting with ? 
Lauren at From My Grey Desk! Her blog was the first one that I started reading and her blog is the blog that inspired me to start a blog :) I remember sending her a few emails asking for blog advice and of course, cat advice ;) I was a little intimidated because her blog had such a big following, but she was SO nice and helped me so much! And thanks to her, I decided to take the plunge and get a kitten...Boots!
From Blog Life to Real Life!

My little nugget :) 6. Any blogger that you admire and look up to? 

Meg from Sweetly Complicated
Lindsay from Trial By Sapphire Erin from Sweetness Itself
Ashley from Two Dogs, A Cat, And A DIY Life
All of these ladies have impacted my life in ways that I didn't know possible via the Internet. They all mean so much to me and have encouraged me to no end. They all have wonderful hearts, and I'm so glad that I know them :) Even it if it is via the Internet!

7. Who is the craziest/funniest blogger? 
Erin at Living in Yellow. Hands down. 

8. There's a reality television show for bloggers, who would you want to be casted with you? 
Leigh Anne from Hart to Heart. That girl seems to have her crap together. She always has a lot on her plate but gets through it all so gracefully it seems like! Plus if there was any type of fitness challenge on the show...we would OWN. Just saying ;) Also Bev at La La Love, Learn, and Laugh because she's just so much dang fun!

9. Some bloggers have really cool jobs, anybody you'd like to swap careers with? 
Tammy at Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay! She's an occupational therapist and works with kids...I always look forward to reading posts about her job :) PLUS if we got to swap jobs that means I'd have to go live in San Diego on the beach...yeah, I'm not complaining...

10. Favorite blog design? Let's be serious, I'm obsessed with my own design because Dana is awesome, BUT I won't count that ;)
This was the hardest one for me. I really like Oh, Sweet Joy's simplicity :)
And I always like Little Chief Honeybee's layouts, too!
So there you have it...if my real life & my blog life collided, this is what would happen :) Don't forget to link up your post and see what everyone else's "life" would be like!

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