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Friday Finds: Everyday Objects as Art Tools

By Myjoneses
Wednesday I posted:
Letting your children explore art with familiar objects and materials like play dough will help them to be comfortable and open to the idea and wide world of art.  Remember what Picasso said: Every child is an artist.
This Friday's art finds are everyday objects you can use as art tools.   Using common object in art making makes it easy for kids to use their imagination and be creative.  Also great for no so artsy parents that might not have a wide selection of art tools/materials available at home. So here we go:
Friday Finds: Everyday Objects as Art
Balloon stamping is a great activity for younger children.  The balloon is large enough for them to hold and it makes them focus on controlling their movements to make a picture.Friday Finds: Everyday Objects as Art
Recycled objects stamp art.  Use bottle caps, different shapes and sizes, forks/combs, qtips, cardboard, bubble wrap - you name it.  These objects can easily be turned into stamps to create a fun and expressive abstract art picture.
Friday Finds: Everyday Objects as Art Tools Now lets get in the kitchen.  This idea to wrap a rolling pin in bubble wrap, secure with rubber bands, will make for a fun project to let kids explore texture and movement. Friday Finds: Everyday Objects as Art
Using a salad spinner with a paper plate and paint can turn into an interesting experiment.  Kind of like developing a photo, before digital, you don't know what your image will be like until the process is done.Friday Finds: Everyday Objects as Art
Last, I loved this idea using casters as rollers.  Art paint rollers aren't something everyone has laying around the house, but you can easily turn casters into small paint roller for kids.  This would be fun to try a few print making projects with or just let the kids roll out paint on a large sheet of paper and mix colors together.

Get creative, explore your kitchen, recycling bins, dad's work bench even your kid's toys and see what kind of everyday objects you and your kids can turn into art tools. 
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