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Friday Finds: DIY Duplo Word Spellers

By Myjoneses
Keeping with the alphabet theme from wednesday's art project post I wanted to share this great idea/ DIY word spellers using Duplo blocks.  
Friday Finds: DIY duplo word She used duplo blocks and white stickers spelling out sight words, opposites and complimentary words.  Kids can literally build words with this DIY tool.Friday Finds: DIY duplo word spellersI loved this idea and an added bonus in my house it's something my one year old can play with too.  I think I'll start out with letters- vowels and consonants for Cy.Friday Finds: DIY duplo word spellers Still waiting on the DIY lego table, to find the right table and we'll be making one for all those little lego pieces.  That is once Sage is out of the stage when he tires to eat everything!Friday Finds: DIY duplo word
Happy Friday enjoy your kids this weekend!Friday Finds: DIY duplo word spellersSubscribe in a reader

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