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Friday Favourite: The Miss Selfridge Blazer

By Theutterblog @utterlywow

There’s a new kid on the blazer block, folks.

On a quick dash to the shops yesterday morning, I walked in to Miss Selfridge looking for a lightweight black leather jacket and came out with a beautiful, Zara-esque mid-grey blazer instead.

Grey Ponti Blazer by Miss Selfridge

Grey Ponti Blazer by Miss Selfridge

I have long coveted the mid-grey blazer, an item I came to associate with Zara but for some reason never actually bought. I can’t tell you how many times I considered buying the Zara one, popping it on in-store whenever I saw it and waiting for the ‘sod the money, buy the bleedin’ blazer’ feeling that just never came.

But it was instant yesterday. The Miss Selfridge blazer surpasses the Zara one, IMHO. I love the long lapels, the 3/4 length roll-up sleeves, the diagonal pocket slits and the general good fit. As I walked my purchase deftly to the till, I spotted it around the store in a variety of autumn/winter colours as well; mustard, teal, wine and black versions all caught my eye. And all for a very respectable £39.

Obligatory shameless selfie.

Obligatory shameless selfie.

What’s on your wish-list this autumn, oh wonderful ones?

Sama xxx

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